Appreciation Gifts

Leading philanthropic personality of the country Malik Riaz is a figure turning the vision of Pakistan into reality .It is his patriotism that has budged him to initiate a long list of unprecedented social projects for the well being of his fellow countrymen. He strongly believes that he owes all that he has earned to his mother land Pakistan. As a visionary nation builder, he is bent upon raising the status of the country and its image aboard.

International sportsmen, who have won fame and have brought good name to Pakistan have received generous appreciation from Malik Riaz .A shining star of the cricketing world ,Shahid Afridi has been gifted a one unit plot on his outstanding performance in a match against India by the owner of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz. On the same pattern the snooker champion Muhammad Asif was awarded car for winning world snooker champion title for Pakistan. He was also appointed on regular basis with healthy salary by Bahria town.

Malik Riaz humanity and nation lover vows to continue his admiration and support for people who bring credit to the country in every possible way.