Community Welfare

It is only human to work for one’s personal gains but there are few people who go beyond traditional boundaries and strive for the betterment of entire community. Malik Riaz, Pakistan’s largest real estate developer is one such example. He has pursued his vision of “Quality Living for All” in his housing schemes and has turned the vision of modern Pakistan in to reality. His projects unquestionably cater to the social and the economic needs of the community and operate in a way to protect the environment.

In these projects, the mutual benefit of the secure gated communities of Malik Riaz along with the welfare of its adjacent local communities is always sorted for with priority. Huge contributions to the improvement of people’s life and social services are made through series of initiative programs such as Dastarkhawans, orphanage shelter, combined marriages, free health, free education and re-mission of the prisoners. This culture promotes civic values and builds best practices in the community. Adherence to international standards and world class developments also support the growth of adjoining societies.

The efforts to build open and collaborative relationships with the local community members welcome new initiatives and entry into new locations.

This trust and support of community members help to transform communities in a unique way so as to benefit the whole society. Malik Riaz, is relentless to develop Pakistan into a first world nation as he believes himself to be the custodian of public trust for a brighter and a better future.