Disaster Management

It is in the times of adversity, that the true character of a person stands out and reflect his inner emotions. Malik Riaz, chairman Bahria Town, well known for his compassionate nature and generous heart has always been in the forefront for helping the nation in the times of natural disasters and unfortunate incidents. He has organized special emergency fleet services and relief teams under the banner of Bahria Town to provide immediate assistance to those in dire need of help. Moreover Corporate Social Responsibility Division of Bahria Town is solely set up, to look after various projects and initiatives that are aimed for the betterment of the poor and the distressed people.

Floods, earthquakes, fire or any other devastating circumstances, rescue teams patronized by Malik Riaz are the first to reach the unfortunate spots for giving medical, financial and food assistance. Over a period of time relief efforts of Bahria Town have become a symbol of trust and consistent care for the wretched people regardless of their faith, culture or religion. These teams have been assigned special tasks on the scenes of accidents due to their latest modern equipment and unfailing commitment. In acknowledgement of their services these teams have been commended on various government and private platforms.

Incidents such as earthquake of 2005,floods in 2010 & 2014, draught in Thar, collapse of Margalla Tower, fire at  Marriot Hotel, Ghakkar Plaza ,fire at the Christian community and many more such occasions have all provoked an immediate response from sympathetic and humble humanitarian Malik Riaz. He did not hesitate to spend even millions for the welfare and the wellbeing of the needy people caught up in these desperate situations. Mobile medical units, rashan bags, free meals, clothing, tents and clean water were all made available in these emergency conditions.

Earthquake of 2005 was the most devastating in the history of the region with a death toll above 73,000 and over 3,000,000 people left homeless. Teams of Bahria Town were immediately mobilized to provide much needed relief for the survivors. Rescue efforts were carried out by heavy earth moving and logistical equipment. Over 200 units of machines were employed to construct eight big relief camps with an amount of over 100 million. A population of over 36,000 was provided shelter and other necessities of life in this camp. Management and administration in this chaotic situation was a challenging task but these camps were run smoothly for over three months .Caravans of trucks carrying relief goods worth 30 million were dispatched to Rawalakot, Balakot, Muzzafarabad and Bagh.

 Similarly the floods in 2010 caused havoc in Pakistan. Many people were killed and nearly 14 million people were affected by this disaster. In this hour of need Malik Riaz was at the forefront fulfilling his national responsibility by providing flood hit areas with articles of daily use, medical aid and free meals to thousands of affectes.

Apart from these natural calamities, the sad state of affairs in our country has gave rise to new crisis of internally displaced people ,that has displaced over 500,000 people in Swat, Swabi , North Waziristan and other areas. With only limited resources it is impossible for the government to tackle the condition of all these people, who have lost their homes and jobs as a result of military operation, single handedly. Keeping in view the magnitude of the situation, Bahria Town coordinated with both district and provincial government and offered human resource and logistical support and resources from its own budget for initiating relief services in these areas.

An amount of over Rs 50 Million was spent only in providing relief efforts to the affectees of Swat which included establishment of relief camps, distribution of goods, medical support, water distribution, logistical support and relief cells.1 big relief camp was established in Swabi to give shelter to a population of over 3000 people. Permanent staff was deployed to ensure that basic food, financial, medical educational and other requirements of the families were met promptly. Malik Riaz urged the government personally to give complete responsibility of one lakh IDP’s of North Waziristan to him. A package of Rs 500 million was announced for the IDP’s of military operation Zarb-e-Azab.

Malik Riaz relentless efforts to reach out to the desolate people and lend them a helping hand do not end here. His unfailing zest to help those in need is also evident in his collaborative projects with famous social welfare organizations such as Edhi,Al-Shifa Trust, Ahsaas Foundation and many more.