Donations & Charity

People who seek the countenance of Allah Almighty seize every possible opportunity to win the pleasure and closeness to their Lord. Malik Riaz, Asia’s largest real estate developer and the leading philanthropic personality of the country is one such man. He has pioneered countless social welfare programs that are of great advantage to the masses. In addition to these wide reaching permanent plans that benefit the society, Malik Riaz is always on the fore front assisting those in dire need of help whether it be some natural calamity or any other untoward situation.

Recently an amount of Rs 500 million was provided under the banner of real estate company Bahria Town; by the founder of the company Malik Riaz for the internally displaced people of the military operation Zarb-e-Azab . A genuine request was also placed to hand over the entire responsibility of the IDP’s to his company. In the same manner a cheque for Rs 100 million for the welfare IDP’ s  of North Waziristan was handed over to the Chief Minister of Punjab. Moreover in tragic event of  earth quake in the Awaraan district of Balochistan, financial relief was provided and free homes were promised to be built for the victims by this great man.

These acts of nobility are just some of his endless contributions for the needy and the helpless. After the devastation caused by the worst ever floods in Pakistan, Malik Riaz placed an extremely rare and generous offer to donate 75% of all of his assets for the relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims. This exceptional munificence on his behalf was also very much appreciated by the western media. The magnanimity of this great person does not end here; he also paid the huge sum of Rs 130m as ransom to free 7 Pakistani sailors from Somali pirates. They were made hostages since they had been captured for more than one and a half year.

Moreover many organizations and institutions nationwide receive huge donation and support from Malik Riaz  permanently .These include SOS Village and  Gosha-e-Sakoon, which is a one of its kind shelter house for senior citizens and orphan children. Additionally various other trusts, hospitals and schools are financially assisted by Malik Riaz, who truly believes in showing gratitude to the Creator by being compassionate to others.