Employment opportunity for more than 21,000 people, jobs for over 100,000 families, business openings for 1000 local suppliers and foreign investments worth billions. These are just a few of innumerable contributions of Malik Riaz to the economy of the country. The visionary and entrepreneurial personality is well aware of the significance of the economic progress and considers economy to be the back bone of any society.

It is through his long list of successful projects that has helped put the national economy on solid grounds. These projects have attracted and generated direct foreign investments and have provided an equal opportunity employment to richly diverse workforce not only within the country but abroad also. Moreover these work units have helped the real estate sector to be formally recognized as an industry in Pakistan since it is the only housing society in Pakistan with unvarying international standards.

Malik Riaz’s iconic housing initiatives have activated economy, sustained and developed dependent industries and attracted immense inflow of foreign exchange from overseas Pakistanis. Massive demand for 55 factories including cement, paint, glass, bricks, tiles and aluminum has been created as these housing schemes cater to the yearly national housing needs.

His exceptional accomplishment, an epitome of his vision is Bahria Town which is Asia’s largest private real estate development. It offers projects to diverse customer base belonging to different socio economic sectors. With super luxurious villas to Awami villas, Malik Riaz Company is the first to introduce low cost housing which accommodate to the pragmatic needs of an average Pakistani. Direct and indirect taxes worth of billions are received by the government from this company that has never sought any government funding for financing its infrastructure.

All these flourishing economic ventures and other such extra ordinary achievement have made Malik Riaz win the prestigious “Businessman of the Year 2008” award by Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry  yet he aspires to be Pakistan’s greatest builder of all times. He is determined that effective use of human power and technology can change great ideas into life changing  realities and all such ideas can serve as fuel for national economy that promise a bright, prosperous future for generations.