The secret of success of any great nation lies in its education. A well educated and learned nation is the guarantee of a bright and prosperous future. Material resources and man power can only be optimally utilized with the help of proper information and specialized education. Malik Riaz chairman Bahria Town, aims to strengthen Pakistan’s future by fortifying the foundations of educational sector and providing vigilance to the masses. He strongly believes that rich or poor, everyone should be provided equal opportunity to obtain knowledge and reap fruits of quality education.

Under the banner of his prestigious company Bahria Town, he has devised free educational plans to provide education to those who are deprived of basic facilities of life and have no hope of bright future. Free of cost education is offered to 4000 orphan s along with lodging facilities. A number of primary and secondary education schools, institutes and colleges in different cities and villages are sponsored which provide basic and specialized education to common masses. Scholarships to more than 7000 students are granted each year. Micro finance loans to the students of Rawalpindi Agricultural University are provided. Millions of rupees to various government institutions and other rural institutions are donated to facilitate the process of learning and education. Donation of over 9,400,000 to reach Public School and Kallar Syedan School has so far been granted. Additionally coordination with many educational organizations and institutes of remote areas is ensured to support them in the times of need.

The goal of objective learning can be achieved with conscientiously designed school setup and finest team of educationist. To support this mission, the schools built under the patronage of Malik Riaz are fully equipped with state of art learning and recreational facilities which include science laboratories, computer rooms, libraries and playgrounds. Apart from highest quality of teaching extra circular activities for an all round balanced growth is also provided. These schools not only impart quality education but have also raised the general standards of education and they are emerging as one of the most esteemed seats of learning, creativity, and overall grooming.

In the present day of advancing technology and cut throat competition the significance of general education is undeniable but only broad education cannot suffice in the current situation. Technical education is a must, if a nation wants to progress and make its mark in the annals of history. Malik Riaz has keenly analyzed this factor and has accordingly set the foundation for building two international standard universities in major cities of Sindh, Karachi and Hyderabad.The fees charged in these universities shall be subsidized and will be much less than any other university. A total expense of Rs 2 Billion shall be made on the construction of these universities. Moreover many other technical institutes, computer centers, medical and dental college and Bahria university is already serving the public by giving expert education to the masses.

All these efforts shall go a long way in mentoring the future generations as the only key to success is through learning and education. These services of Malik Riaz shall be written in gold not only in this world but also in the hereafter as our religion implores us to seek education and be informed. Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) said “The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim both male and female”