Environment is our home and it needs to be protected and sheltered at every cost. Bahria Town establishments, brain child of Malik Riaz , are highly mindful of the need to care for the environment and are designed to be built and operate in environmentally sustainable manner. Special emphasis is laid on the natural topography and natural resources while planning these communities.

A full cycle of operation has been formulated for the purpose of saving environment. First of all the surrounding area of these communities are assessed carefully before development. Efforts are made to minimize the environmental foot prints of construction and in the end all possible steps are taken to restore the environment.

An exclusive Special Parks support department ensures that the natural vegetation and the ecosystem are maintained. Exotic plantations are imported to impart a unique touch to these developments. Balance between natural resources like trees, greens, water bodies and the consumer is maintained. Relocation of any type of wild life and precious plants are planned for each excavation work. Nature’s artistry is preserved and both natural and man-made resources are utilized efficiently.