Financial Services

It is true that money cannot buy happiness but money can surely create endless opportunities to bring happiness. For the poor and the less fortunate money is a healing aid, a magical gift and an answer to all the questions of their life. In Pakistan 75 percent of people are categorized as poor, and more than 60 million people live below the poverty line.

Malik Riaz, a leading humanitarian and a philanthropic person has a keen understanding and realization  of this sad fact and this has motivated him to initiate a long list of programs to give financial aid to the under privileged people. He is forever ready to pledge his wealth to aid the needy people may it be a  poor person caught up in dire circumstance or a hard pressing need, like a flood or an earth quake victim, an IDP (internally displaced people), a social organization or the family of the deceased of an unfortunate incident.

There are innumerable instances of Malik Riaz unmatched charity that stand witness to his generous contributions for general welfare of the poor. In the recent tragedy of internally displaced people, Malik Riaz handed over a cheque of Rs 100 million to the chief minister Punjab for assisting those who had lost their homes. The fire incident at LDA plaza killed many; each effected family was given an amount of 5 lakh each. The families of 350 deceased people of the Awaran earth quake of Balochistan were provided with an amount of Rs 100,000 each. Financial assistance of over 1 million in cash was distributed among the families of the earth quake victims of Northern areas in 2005.

Apart from these, a special fund known as the fund for the Pakistani common man has been set up by Malik Riaz to help the poor living below the poverty line. Besides many other beneficial services this will advance interest free loans to the poor and encourage them to earn their living and create cottage industries. In addition a unique social service known as Dastarkwan has been started to give free meals daily to the less privileged people. It would enable them to save almost 2000 monthly as dining outside cost Rs 35 per meal per person.

Additionally community welfare organizations like Edhi also receive regular financial support from Malik Riaz, who is a symbol of hope for many.