Infrastructure Development

Role of Malik Riaz in Infrastructure Development

Pakistani builder and a dynamic developer, Malik Riaz is a force turning the vision of modern Pakistan into reality. Development projects of billions of rupees are carried out under the banner of his company Bahria Town, which is Asia’s largest private housing scheme. His company enjoys the privilege of being the biggest in the continent in terms of area and infrastructure. He is known for his enthusiasm to build projects that expand infrastructure and contribute positively towards the progress of the country.

Bahria Town is responsible for delivering iconic developments and creating a legacy of land mark buildings, masterly planned road structures, unprecedented investment prospects and thriving world class communities. These housing schemes which are the size of cities within themselves have introduced to Pakistan for the very first time, a global modern life style. With complete infrastructure of their own including grid stations, hospitals, schools, recreational facilities, civic amenities, security and emergency services, these projects have won international recognition. Thousands of families are enjoying lavish peaceful living experience in these secure gated communities.

Billions of rupees are invested by Malik Riaz on indigenous development projects that range from luxury villas to low cost Awami villas. Huge projects such as JVD&B Valley, Bahria Golf City, Garden City Bahria Icon and other such projects plan to accommodate more than a million residents over an area of 1 billion sq ft. Project development department of these schemes have equipment worth more than 6.5 billion. This equipment not only fulfills the needs of infrastructural development within Bahria Town but also assist in the growth and development of the adjoining communities. High profile multinational developers, for foreign investments are invited eagerly to develop and strengthen infrastructure of through miscellaneous projects.

Nations greatest builder Malik Riaz is determined to extend the country’s infrastructure through various investments in private and public sectors. Currently an amount of Rs 25 billion is scheduled to be spent on the first bus rapid transit system in Karachi that will provide the residents of Karachi a safe and affordable way to travel. This Metro Bus System is Pakistan’s first private investment in public infrastructure development aimed to provide convenience to common citizens.

Malik Riaz unfailing zest to develop outstanding and exceptional infrastructure facilities is clearly reflected in his housing solutions which are committed to bridge the massive annual deficit of 7000,000 houses. These projects have introduced amenities that go above and beyond many of the gated communities that have become so popular in countries from United States to Brazil. Yet for Malik Riaz there is much more to be achieved and great many horizons to be discovered.