Poverty Alleviation

It’s a sad reality that in our country 75% of Pakistanis are categorized as poor and more than 60 Million people live below poverty line while the rich people heedlessly accumulate heaps of wealth. The poor work relentlessly under the scorching sun to feed themselves and their families for the elite class who spend millions on their luxuries every day.

Our religion strongly advocates equal distribution of wealth through the system of Zakat and interest free trade but there are only a few who take religious values to heart. Malik Riaz, one of the most successful business men of the country, is among the few who genuinely care for the religious morals and strive in every possible way to earn the pleasure of Allah Almighty.

Malik Riaz strongly believes that he must share his good fortunes with the less privileged people and raise their standard of living. To achieve this end he has initiated an ingenious program and has set up a platform to provide sustainable employment with the help of a common fund aimed to facilitate the poor. This fund shall greatly assist in poverty alleviation and reducing economic disparity by providing free food centers, free education, clean water, health and sanitation, skill enhancement and basic training center. Additionally through this fund, small interest free loans can be advanced to the poor people in an attempt to prepare them to earn a respectable living for themselves.

In an open letter to the richest people in Pakistan, Malik Riaz has urged the elite class to step forward and pay the debt they owe to their motherland by contributing open heartedly for this fund. Initially an amount of PKR 50 million was required to start this mutual fund named “Fund for the Pakistani common man”. This indeed is a revolutionary idea for the betterment of the poor and is just the beginning of achieving eternal peace and prosperity.